About Us

On Mother’s Day 2011, my husband and children surprised me with a gift certificate to attend a jewelry make and take class.  To my surprise, I finished making the little beaded breast cancer ribbon well before the group of seasoned beaders in the class…and loved  doing it!  While I'm pretty sure the class my family sent me to that day was not a well thought out plot to launch my next career, beading met my passion for style and a few months later, Cadorah was born.   The business is named after my children, Caden and Decorah, whose Mother’s Day gift helped me realize her calling.
As a two time Breast Cancer survivor,, I am continuously giving back to various BC organizations. The mission of Cadorah is to inspire women to feel beautiful and confident through adversity. I believe that putting on some jewelry every day helps lift your mood and stimulates a feeling of beauty. 
With style and blessings,